Workshops and Lectures

When a person has trouble learning to drive, we don’t tell him to “drive harder.”

Why, then, do we tell a student who is having trouble learning to “study harder”?

 spinnyKTLguy-150x150 Come learn why “studying harder” is not the solution and what causes students to give up on a subject or drop out of school altogether.
Get answers to these critical questions at a free lecture presented by Lisa Lawson.Call 206-365-7633 for the next lecture date and location.We would like very much to help parents in teaching their children and in advocating for them.

We deliver lectures and workshops on the following topics:

How to Teach Young Children to Read
Introduction to Phonics
Why Phonics is effective and important
Tips to Working with Young Children

Using Phonics with Older Children
Improving Spelling
Establish Reading Fluency
Resolving Problems in Reading

Keys to Reading Comprehension
Getting Enjoyment from Reading
How to Build Vocabulary
When and How to use a Dictionary with a Child
How to Choose Appropriate Reading Levels

Study Technology
The Three Barriers to Study
Getting Past the Barriers
Being an Independent Student

How to Help Kids with Homework
What is Learning?
How to Enhance your Child’s Homework Experience
Homework Pitfalls
What to do when Things Aren’t Going Well

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