Letters of Recommendation

Paula C. Lowe, MEd, CFLE
2568 NE 188th St.
Seattle, WA 98155

May 1, 1999,

Every year of a child’s life is a “never again” year. As with all parents, we try to fill each year with those learning experiences that we expect to have multiplying effects over our children’s lives. We recognize that our schools can do only so much. Teachers, good busy teachers, can only do so much. As parents, we too can only do so much. Thus, our family chose enrichment tutoring this year with Lisa Lawson. We chose a super mentor and friend.

Lisa has tutored our two children for an entire school year with great success. We chose Lisa because she establishes a joyful and productive learning relationship with her students. Sessions with Lisa are focused and kind. She is patient and observant, realizing readiness and helping students overcome fears and previous defeating experiences.

As an educational psychology consultant and former public school educator, I observe that public school education has devalued many historic learning objectives. Among these are various competencies in phonics, spelling, grammar, mathematics, social studies and history. This often leaves children with incomplete skills and knowledge.

After a year of work with Lisa, our son is entering Kellogg Middle School with a sense that he is well prepared in mathematics. He felt confident to take the advanced placement tests.

My daughter is finishing fourth grade. She excels in math and is proud of her skills particularly because of her work with Lisa.

We highly recommend that parents consider enrichment tutoring with Lisa Lawson to fill in the learning gaps that naturally occur in today’s public schools. It is just impossible for a teacher with dozens of students to provide the mentoring that Lisa does in her study room.

We will continue to use Lisa’s enrichment tutoring services. We are convinced that the extra hours a week are deepening our children’s study skills, confidence in asking for and receiving help, and academic mastery.

Paula C. Lowe,
Richard F. Ferraro

July 7, 2000

I highly recommend Lisa Lawson as an educational tutor. Our two children have worked with Lisa and really benefited.

Our fifth grade daughter has gained academic skills, particularly in math and spelling, during her two years of enrichment tutoring with Lisa. Georgia has enjoyed her weekly sessions and benefited from her one on one relationship with Lisa.

Our seventh grade son worked with Lisa on sharpening his math skills during his sixth grade year. He is now an A+ student in Accelerated Math at Kellogg.

Lisa is an extraordinary educator. She forms a positive relationship with her students to help them round out their academic skills and build their determination to succeed. She is also playful and kind. Students trust her.

I have recommended Lisa as a tutor to over a dozen different parents. Each has had a different concern for their child’s enrichment, but all have great praise for Lisa.

Tutoring is a super way to round out a child’s education and assure that kids learn what they need to succeed. We have tried Kumon. It was dull and repetitive. We have tried home school supplements. This was overwhelming for us as parents. Lisa is the perfect match. Her tutoring is in harmony with our children and our family. It is customized to the child’s needs and parents’ concerns.

Paula Lowe

September, 1994

To Whom it May Concern,
Before our son, Attila, attended Lisa Lawson’s phonetic classes at age 5 he was unable to look at any words and sound them out. However, in approximately 1-3 months he was able to read several small books created by Lisa that he was able to enjoy and comprehend. This achievement gave him so much satisfaction that he still loves to read 1 ½ years later!

We have chosen to keep Attila in Lisa’s class and he continues to have great enthusiasm in reading as well as spelling and he is one of the top three readers and spellers in his class of 25 students. He always receives awards in school for his skills in reading and spelling from teachers. We even expect it now.

We are sure beyond doubt that it is Lisa’s extraordinary patience, teaching tactics, as well as the one on one attention that our child received, that enabled him to excel as high as he has in school.

Lisa is great with her gentle persistence toward kids which allows her to keep them on a problem area until they understand it fully. This is very advantageous in comparison to the classroom where there are simply too many students and the teacher has absolutely no chance of giving this kind of attention to one child!

We highly recommend Lisa’s program to anyone who wants their children to excel with confidence, no confusion and to always be at the top of their class.

[Written by father] My son can now write, read and understand words like this at age 7: musician, commercial, baggage, appreciate, ancient, embarrass. I’m very satisfied.

[Written by mother] I always hear my son reading out loud in his room, what a beautiful sound that is.

-Christina and Gerald Parker

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