From Students

Dear Lisa, Thank you for teaching me math skills. It helps me a lot.
-Your friend, Zachary A. 3rd grade

I finally learned how to do long division!!!
Kai B. 6th grade

Goal – Reading Success!
My reading level went from 200 to 431 and then I got to be the Student of the Day.
-Hannah J. 5th grade

At school I took a test for my reading level and I went from a 2nd grade level to a 6th grade level and I am really happy about it.
-Stephanie M. 5th grade

I just want to thank you guys so much! You have helped me more than ever. I have only been to three sessions so far and I can’t tell you how much it’s helped me already! Thank you so much! –Ashlynn 10th Grade

From tutoring I got a better understanding of math.
I can keep up in class without feeling confused and lost.
I enjoy learning instead of hating it.
I can be able to grow in math without missing steps.
Kimi 11th Grade

The tutoring was fun and educational! My math has improved so much even over the first day. I learned something new every day and I had tons of fun!
-Sincerely, Jessica F. 5th grade

Being here has really enhanced my math skills. I had been lazy about math until I started with Lisa. I am more confident with getting in and staying in advanced classes.
-Sincerely, Ricardo F. 6th grade

Thank you so much for all the tutoring sessions I’ve done here. They have helped me a lot in understanding math. Now I don’t feel confused in class and I actually enjoy coming here. I have become stronger in math and it is one of my favorite subjects.
-Uroosa Q. 10th grade

I started tutoring here because math was proving to be very confusing. I understood only a little of what was being taught. It’s only been my second session, and I am already understanding everything 100% and am ready for my first test! Thank you, Lawson Tutoring.
-Marco W. 12th grade

I was struggling so much in math class before I went to Lawson Tutoring. Within two days of help, my confidence, knowledge and enthusiasm for math were all back. Since then my math class has been a breeze and really fun. Thanks so much for all your help!
-Marco W. 12th grade

Usually I don’t enjoy having a tutor but I found Jeremiah to be much more helpful than others. Most of the stuff I had to cover he hadn’t seen before, but we learned it together which is much more satisfying than having it being lectured to you. Thank you very much.
-Jack P. (In the International Baccalaureate class)

I came into tutoring with an F in the class causing me to not be able to participate in my games. It was imperative that I get my grade in math up. Jeremiah, my tutor, came in and saved my grade with his patience and amazing sense of humor to help connect with teens. I’ve developed a fun relationship with not only a teacher, but a young adult who I can call a friend.
-Kimme J. 11th grade Algebra II

I just got an A on my last test and my overall grade has risen from a C- or D to a B for the whole class. This has helped me very much. Thank you, Paula!
Malika A. 11th grade

I would like to thank Lisa Lawson for teaching me nearly everything I know today. Without her help I would not be graduating today nor would I be attending the college.
Osman O. (Homeschool student graduating high school through Running Start)

The math is geting better and SRA math is getting better.
Eleanor T. 2nd grade


Lisa, thank you so much for your help and guidance with my school work. You have been very helpful. I appreciate everything you do and have done for me.
Katy S. 8th grade

I’m glad I can read. I’m so happy that my mom found the best tutor in the world!
-Aidan C. 5th Grade

Dear Lisa, Thank you for teaching me phonics! It helped make me smart! I will miss you!
-Love, Geneva W. 3rd grade

Thank you Lisa! I have to say I owe most everything to you, so I really mean it when I say thank you. If I hadn’t seen you, I’d be pretty lost academically right now. You helped me a LOT.
-Salina M. 9th grade (This was written when Salina tried out high school after being homeschooled for most of her life.)

Lisa Lawson’s tutoring has helped me with division, multiplication and language. I am doing better in school because of that. I really enjoyed being tutored by Lisa and I don’t want to stop.
-Cameron L. 6th grade

I had no knowledge of fractions, decimals, percents or division. I was not very good with my times tables and struggling in class. Of course, I now am quite good at all of it and third best at math in my class.
-Nick W. 7th grade

I am reading much more better when I am with you. You make me happy when I am with you.
-Your Friend, Ashley J. 2nd grade

Lisa helped me with the story I have been writing. I would not have gotten so much info for my story without Lisa. She has helped me a lot!!!
-Megan B. 5th grade

Thank you for teaching me. You help me learn different things. You brighten my learning.
-Emily B. 3rd grade

Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for being my tutor. I got into Honors Algebra this year, and a lot of that is thanks to you! You helped me so much from 6×6 in 3rd grade, to getting into Algebra in 7th. Thanks again,
-Emily L. 7th grade

Lisa has been tutoring me since 5th grade. I am now in 7th grade. In 5th grade I was doing really badly, now I’m getting into 8th grade challenge math.
-Alyssa P. 7th grade

I like math because of Lisa Lawson. I love the froggy game. I came here because I did not know my 3’s. Now I do! This is the best day ever and this is the best place ever. Thank you Lisa Lawson, you rock!
-Aaron A. 4th grade

Dear Lisa, Thank you for helping me in math this year. I think I have improved in math and am a lot more confident since you started teaching me. Thanks a lot.
-Emily W. 5th grade

Lisa- I want to thank you for tutoring me this year. I’ve enjoyed our time together, and I’ve actually enjoyed math for the first time in my life. Thank you for everything. I’ll miss seeing you every week.
-Love, Mela 7th grade

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