From Parents

 Hi Lisa, I wanted to bring you up to speed on Mackenzie. She is doing amazing in school and will be graduating soon. She has been accepted to UW Bothell and will be going there next year. Thank you so much for your help in her academic success.
Marsha P.

I appreciate everything you’ve done with Karim, and Malika when she needed you guys too. You’ve taught Karim the skill of writing and for that you’ve done so much. Hope all is well.
-Stephanie A.

Hi Lisa, I wanted to say hello and to give you an update on Ben. He is doing very well in school this year and is much more attentive and involved with his learning. He loves geometry and right now has an A! I very much appreciate all the work you did to help him and it really is paying off this year. I will keep you posted on how the year progresses for him. Warmest regards,
-Marsha F.

Sam said he felt good about the test today and that he got all the problems on his homework right. Thanks for all your work with Sam.
Deb B.

Lisa, thank you for all the wonderful work that you’ve done with Stephanie! Honor Roll!!
-Renee and Camilo M. (She earned at least a 3.7 GPA at Kellogg Middle School.)

Lee and I want to express our great appreciation and thanks for the superb work you have done with our daughters. Your sensitive and insightful approach to tutoring them in their basic mathematical skills has made it possible for them to advance with understanding and confidence. Our younger daughter in particular has not only developed her abilities in multiplication, subtraction and division, but with her growing self confidence in math, her attitude toward school and learning in general has been enhanced significantly. You are a great teacher, Lisa, and it’s an honor and pleasure to work with you in preparing our children for the challenges ahead.
Most Sincerely, Tony Angell and Lee Rolfe

Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for all the help you have given both Katie and myself. We are all blessed to have your kind, loving presence in our lives. You are a gifted, passionate educator! Thank you!
Ann G

My 6 year old son goes to a non-academic school and Lisa has gotten him reading a 16 page book in just 4 months. She is patient, kind and knows exactly when he is ready to move on or when more practice is required. Lisa is teaching my son to read, but more importantly is teaching him to love reading. We are so lucky to be working with Lisa. I cannot imagine a more perfect fit for him.
Christina B

You have been so wonderful to Caleb!  He has come so far and feels so proud of his reading level!  You really got Caleb on the right track. Thank you so much!!
Christina B

My son Axel struggled in his seventh grade math class and rarely earned higher than a “C” on math tests. He started working with Lisa about 5 months ago, and has enjoyed his sessions very much. Now he has an “A” in his math class, and just earned a 99% on his unit test.
– Nancy W.

Just wanted you to know the improvement I’ve seen with Stephanie’s reading since she started tutoring this past year. Zoe has done a terrific job in working with Stephanie and helping her develop an interest in reading and I see an enthusiasm that I’ve never seen before. Stephanie seems to be catching on with more comprehension. I’m so pleased with the addition of Zoe to Lisa’s already superb tutoring.
-Renee M.

Our two kids have both excelled and turned their grades around from C,D,and F’s to A,B, and C’s. I am extremely pleased and THANKFUL for your tutoring.
-Russell M.

On Monday I went to my son’s parent teacher conference and his teacher told me that she is seeing what she needs to with his reading, and that she and the reading specialist feel he will be on target for 2nd grade by June. A year ago they thought something was wrong. Now, after working with Lisa for a while he is catching up to where he needs to be.
– Andrea C.

Aidan has gotten 100 on his spelling tests. He went from 0/25 to 25/25 in a few months. He was so proud of himself! He hasn’t said, “I’m stupid” In many months. It broke my heart to hear him say that. He doesn’t feel stupid anymore. He reads in bed each night. He could not read anything before the tutoring. He reads newspaper headlines and leaves reminder notes for himself on the refrigerator. He wrote me the most wonderful Mother’s Day card. I feel very lucky that I picked Lisa out of the blue. I think that she was the perfect match for my son.
Thank you, Lisa!! Mari Knowles

Dear Lisa, Sean and I are so happy to have found someone who is so helpful to us in our homeschooling endeavors. Sean has found most “school” situations intimidating and confusing. He is ready to do some more structured learning now, and he has taken very well to your individualized, calm, and positive approach. Sean is advanced in his [math] abilities and he needs to work with someone who can help to nurture these abilities.
Thank you, Lori W.

It was so great that Ali had those few sessions with you!!   It was really good for her!!
-Ann J.

I brought my son, Preston, to Lisa for tutoring before he started in Kindergarten.  He has done fabulously in school now for two years and I know that his success in school is directly a result of the Study Technology that Lisa uses with those she tutors.  He adores reading and is confident about his abilities as a learner.  I couldn’t be happier.   What a precious gift to give a child, the chance to learn how to learn! Note: Preston’s teacher told me that he’s the top reader in his class, and that he should probably be placed in the gifted program in Bellevue next year.
-Sincerely, One Satisfied Mom
, Julie Lull  

Jackie has advised me that you (Zoe) are tutoring Richard this year. That is good news!  In fact, the revised poem, which he brought in today, shows that the two of you had a very successful time infusing his ideas with figurative language and sound techniques. I was very impressed and Richard is proud of himself! Keep up the good work!
-Pat S.  (Teacher)

I wanted to thank you for calling.  It got us going again, looking for ways to find an alternate [math class] for Kendra.  It is wonderful how your natural instinct to share learning has led you to become a long-term advocate for “your kids” beyond the scheduled tutoring time, it is unexpected and very reassuring for families like us who are lucky enough to have your help!
-Paula R.

Thank you for your mentorship to Kendra – her confidence shows like never before.
-Paula and Byron

Nick had ability, but no confidence. He was fearful about math and his ability to keep up. He, and we, are happy with his improved confidence. He didn’t have homework on a regular basis until tutoring. That has been an important and helpful element in this process. Nick knows he can meet the challenge of homework now. It’s important to him going into middle school and AP math. His teacher approved of Nick’s being tutored and felt it was beneficial to him. She was entirely supportive. Nick scored 97 in in math concepts and 52 in mechanics on the Iowa Basic Skills test in 4th grade. This year, his score was 96 for all math. That suggests to us that he’s now able to integrate theory and practice and apply what he knows. Thanks, Lisa!
– Nancy R.

The work Ella has done with Lisa has given her the foundation and confidence she wasn’t getting in school.  This week she took a math test and got 20/23!  While at school they drill for specific outcomes, the foundation and full understanding needed wasn’t being developed fully.  I am so pleased with the results and progress Ella is making.  I know she could not have been as successful without Lisa’s help.  I am looking forward to continued growth and development for Ella in math – with Lisa’s help.
-Laura S. 

This summer has been great! My seven year-old Sean has been in Lisa’s program learning to read! His old school had skipped teaching the actual code of phonics and “beginning readers” [a series of short story books], and he was denied them. Here he was supplied with what was missing. He insists on finishing whereas before he wouldn’t have anything to do with academics if possible. I wish we could continue this summer indefinitely!
-Sue D.

Dear Lisa, Thank you for your excellent program and all your work with Mike and Geneva. Mike will be six next month and enjoys reading for pleasure. Mostly he likes reading stories and magic tricks, but he also reads jokes, recipes and poems. We were told by a local school that he is reading at a second grade level. This is great and he gets real pleasure from his reading. Geneva will be 10 next month. She reads very well, enjoys reading for school or pleasure and writes stories and poems with ease. I know that getting a good start on her phonics has made all the difference in her comfort with reading and writing. Literacy is no problem for her. It is a relief to know they’ll never need to struggle with any awkward education experiments in that area.
-Thank you! Nancy Weilgart

Today I worked most of the day with my son who is eleven. He has been having a difficult time with life and studying for many years now. It has been a source of much frustration. I started applying techniques that Lisa, my son and I discussed to help “clean up” some of our problems. After many years of chaos and confusion, it is incredibly freeing, exhilarating and calming to finally get some simple help so I can begin to have a happier home life. Having certainty about what one specifically needs to do to handle a learning problem is paramount to surviving well.
-Thank you sincerely!! Maria B.

Dear Lisa, Thank you for your time! You’re awesome! Thank you for taking such good care of Connor.
-Love, Debbie

Thank you so much for the last couple of years. You have been a great help to both Amy and Kelsey. Hopefully both of them will benefit from all you’ve done this year at St. Mark’s. I’ll stay in touch and let you know how they are doing.
-Jana G.

[A report from a parent after tutoring]

1) Reads well

2) Reads on her own

3) Just a few words she misses

4) Got interested in her reading

5) Prefers to read rather than watch television

6) Sounded out the words correctly

7) Does homework assignment with no complaining

8) No longer is frustrated and angry about her reading

9) She’s so relaxed and happy
Thank you, Lisa, for everything, Jeanie J.

Lisa Lawson is the finest teacher any child could have. Lisa makes learning fun. She brings the best out of many children and is always so kind and understanding. If I were a child, she is the teacher I would choose.
-Madelyn C.

Since my son has been coming to see Lisa, he is more confident and seems to be excited to learn. In only six lessons, his teacher, grandparents and I can tell a great difference in his learning ability. He loves the one on one attention and looks forward to coming to learn. I’d recommend Lisa to anyone. She’s a wonderful teacher.
-Tammy W.

It is great having Nicole in class. She is an excellent student! Our reading assessments are done and she was the “highest” placed child in the first grade!! Keep up the good work.
-From a teacher of a 5 year old student receiving phonics instruction.

Lisa- We want you to know how grateful we are for the work you have done with Eric. Your patience and teaching style are just what he needed. Thank you for your support as we tried to make decisions about his education.
-Paul and Clara B

Thank you so much for all you’ve given to Cameron, myself and our family. Through Cameron, you’ve shown the love of learning and connection. You are such an amazing teacher and a gift to us. Thank you so much. Cameron looks forward to seeing you every week! Blessings,
-The Maddox Clan

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