Getting Started

  • The first step is to call Lisa Lawson to discuss your concerns and schedule a free consultation.   (206-365-7633)
  • The next step is to have a free consultation to get acquainted and see if Lawson Tutoring is a good fit.  Our focus is on making sure the student is comfortable with the tutor and reaching to get help.  Once that is established, tutoring can make a big difference for the child, both in skill level and confidence.
  • During the consultation we do a relaxed style of assessment to find out which areas need attention.  The tutor asks questions about what the student can do well and any areas of difficulty.

For math, the student will be asked to do some problems and to show the tutor how he solves them. More formal assessment can be done as needed. For the consultation, the student should bring any current homework, math binder, and textbook if he has one.

For reading or writing, the student will be asked to read an assessment to find grade level, and to do a spelling quiz or other appropriate assessments. It is helpful for the student to bring a few writing samples to show the tutor.

  • Students can register for tutoring and set up a regular schedule. We try to be flexible and work around school and athletic activities. Weekend sessions can be arranged if needed.
  • Sessions are usually an hour and students come for one or two hours a week depending on individual need.  Shorter sessions are available for younger students.
  • We work in Lisa’s home which has a special “classroom” for tutoring.  Though we do offer home visits, we find students tend to be less distracted and learn more easily when they are not in their home environment. For some students we travel to their school and work in the library.


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