About Us

We have helped hundreds of students reach their academic goals and move on to success in life. As tutors we strive to inspire and motivate. We know that when a student has a positive attitude about learning, it benefits every other part of their lives.

Lawson Tutoring and Homeschool Enrichment was founded by Lisa Lawson in 1993. Lisa also taught Algebra I for three years in a Shoreline School. She started tutoring as a way to give students individualized instruction that was unavailable to them in the school system. Lisa employs two other tutors. Each tutor has specialties and Lisa pairs students with the tutor most capable of fulfilling that student’s needs.

Most of our work is one-on-one but sometimes we tutor small groups or siblings together.  In the past we have had groups of up to twelve homeschoolers coming together for group instruction or field trips.

Each student is given personalized instruction on what he or she needs.  We strive to build mastery of the subject being learned so that the child is very competent and knows it.  If desired, homework is assigned to further build their skills.  In this way students make faster progress. If desired, the tutor will create a game of rewards and prizes based on the number of extra practice pages of homework accomplished.

Students receive strong support for current homework as well as catching them up on earlier missed concepts. Students usually have confusion on previous skills which prevents them from learning current skills.  In classrooms of 25 or more, it is inevitable that many students have gaps in their understanding.

Our tutors are very good at taking apart concepts and meeting students at their level so they attain full understanding of the material. This may include using drawings, illustrated dictionaries or manipulatives such as blocks, scales, yardsticks, and other learning aids.

We have a large variety of resources such as workbooks, textbooks and on-line materials which we use in teaching. Sometimes we assign workbooks for students to practice their skills. For homeschoolers we can supply a complete curriculum for a subject or help parents to choose one.

All of our tutors are trained in using Study Technology™. This is the study method developed by the American author and educator L. Ron Hubbard. He identified the basic barriers that prevent a student from understanding. Once a student learns the early warning signs for lack of comprehension, and what actions to take to resolve these difficulties, he can study with success. Using this approach, a student becomes a confident, enthusiastic and independent learner.

We are licensed by Applied Scholastics International, a non-profit institution that works to improve instruction methods worldwide. There are over 1200 schools and tutoring centers in this network. More information is available at the Applied Scholastics website.

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