DSCN1936-homeHelping Students Become Competent and Confident!

Is Your Student…

  • Ready to learn how to read?
  • Ready for a challenge?
  • Wanting to prepare for honors classes?
  • Prepping for an entrance exam?
  • In need of better study skills?
  • In need of a creative writing coach?

Or Is Your Student…

  • Confused with math?
  • Struggling with reading, spelling, or writing?
  • Frustrated with homework, the teacher or school in general?
  • Getting poor grades?
  • Hard to get along with when you try to help with homework?
  • Being labeled “learning disabled”?
  • Disruptive or having behavior problems at school?

Lawson Tutoring can help!
We improve students’ abilities and confidence in all of the above situations.

We offer:

  • Tutoring one-on-one
  • Free Consultation
  • Academic assessments
  • Individual program for each student
  • Very experienced, professional tutors
  • Homeschool Curriculum help
  • Tutoring Ongoing through summer
  • Excellent references
  • Flexible schedule

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